• November 2020: Chair Governance and Regulation, University Paris Dauphine
  • December 2020: The Economics of Digitization seminar, Telecom ParisTech
  • February 2021 (10th): Seminar SciencesPo/Banque de France: Digital Currencies and Bank Competition
  • April 2021: Chaire ACPR


  • September 2018: NASSE Seminar at the Ministry of Economy - presentation by Marianne Verdier on competition issues in the banking and insurance sector. For more details, see below:

  • October 2018: presentation by Marianne Verdier at the conference on taxation and regulation in the digital economy, Bergen.
  • November 2018: presentation by Marianne Verdier at the FinTech conference organized by NEOMA School of Business, Paris.
  • November 2018: participation of Marianne Verdier to a panel discussion on a conference on innovation in banking organized by Oliver Wyman and France FinTech, Paris.
  • March 2019: launch of the research chair program on Digital Finance.
  • April 2019: presentation at the AFDIT conference on the blockchain, 'the economic impacts of cryptoassets regulations'.
  • May 2019: FinTech conference in Sophia Antipolis (SKEMA).
  • June 2019: Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Retail Banking, Paris
  • August 2019: EARIE conference, Barcelona