Carlotta Mariotto (PhD defended in 2016 - Carlotta Mariotto is now working for the Chief Economist of the European Commission).
Noé Ciet (Thesis in preparation at the CRED), with Olena Havrylchyk.
Anne-Sophie Lawniczak (Thesis in preparation at the CRED and with a CIFRE contract at the French Banking Supervision and Resolution Authority ACPR), with Olena Havrylckyk.
Youssouf Camara (Thesis in preparation at Telecom ParisTech), with David Bounie.


Matthieu Manant, Université Paris Sud, 'Régulation des Nouvelles Technologies: Essais sur des Approches Récentes' (December 2018).
Ulrich Laitenberger, Telecom ParisTech.
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