Summary of the Project:

The deployment of digital services is causing a deep transformation of the financial sector. Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence or the blockchain transform financial data processing (access, audit, storage) and reshape the traditional retail functions of financial intermediaries: payments, lending, financial advice, audit and recording of financial transactions. New players (FinTech companies) have started to challenge the role of banks and insurance companies. The constant evolution of business models changes the competitive landscape and raises new regulatory issues. The objective of the Digital Finance Research Chair is to build a team of researchers in economics who are opened to understanding other fields and able to undertake multi-disciplinary work with researchers in finance, law, data science or computer science. The research program aims at acquiring a deeper knowledge of the current evolutions of the financial sector. Two institutions, an engineering school, Telecom ParisTech, and the University of Paris 2 Pantheon Assas host the research team and the research chair program is hosted by the Institut Louis Bachelier.


The RESEARCH CHAIR PROGRAM DIGITAL FINANCE (Université Paris 2 & Telecom ParisTech)

The launch of the program (in French):

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